Huna Healing

Huna Healing

Huna is a way of living and perceiving the world. According to Serge Kahili King, founder of Aloha International, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the study and teaching of Huna, “To those who practice, there is a deep understanding about the true nature of life – and the real meaning of personal power, intention, and belief,” (Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living, 2008).

Huna is a Hawaiian word that means “secret”. According to King “the Hawaiian phrase ka huna translates to “The Secret”, referring to an ancient wisdom of turning inner knowledge into outer success” (King, 2008, p. ix).

The 7 Principles of Huna

• Ike – The World Is What You Think It Is. We sometimes underestimate the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions. Life is a reflection of our inner world. Our experiences are shaped not so much by the events and situations we go through but by our perception and ability to transform our experiences into lessons and opportunities to grow, evolve and be happy.

• Kala – There Are No Limits. The Universe is vast and bountiful; the only limit is our own limitations.

• Makia – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. This speaks of our ability to create. You feed whatever you focus your attention on.

• Manawa – Now Is The Moment Of Power. Our ability and power to change and create is in the present moment. The past doesn’t exist, and the future is only a projection.

• Aloha – To Love Is To Be Happy With. Love is the source of creation, and therefore the most powerful force in the universe. When we create from love, everything flows, bringing happiness and joy.

• Mana – All Power Comes From Within. We all are beings of unlimited power. We have the power to create, for example through love; or to destroy, for example, through hate and judgment.

• Pono – Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth. This is a rather pragmatic principle by which truth is measured by its effectiveness in creating the desired effect. For example, is it true that a pill can take away your headache? The answer is yes, if it does take away your headache.

How does Huna Healing work?

In energy healing it is believed that our physical experiences of illness or pain originate in the ethereal body. Huna Healing works by accessing your ethereal body to identify energetic blockages that may manifest in the form of illnesses, pain, discomfort, negative thoughts, or negative behaviours.

With the direction of your Higher Self, the Huna practitioner then channels the loving life force of Mana Loa to remove those blockages. According to Enid Hoffman, Huna Teacher and Researcher, Mana Loa, also called Aumakua, “contains the power of compassion or the highest form of unconditional love. This force has a cohesive quality that keeps forms pulsing in a contraction-expansion motion that animates them. The golden cord from the Aumakua is rooted within the heart of the physical body and keeps it beating rhythmically. When Mana Loa is used to heal, its power is so great that the healing occurs instantaneously” (Huna: A Beginner’s Guide, 1981, p. 20).

During a Huna session the recipient is fully clothed and can lie down on a massage table or be seated in a chair. Pillows and blankets are provided for comfort. The recipient is invited to close their eyes, relax and enjoy the calming and loving force of Mana Loa. After a session, clients report feeling a sense of clarity, comfort and wellness. Huna is a very calming, non-intrusive and safe practice to help you accelerate your healing at the physical, emotional and/or spiritual level.

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