Offering integrative services to nurture our mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Welcome to Transcendence Holistic Therapy Services

Transcendence offers integrated services within a supportive environment to help you create the life you want. Our services encourage you to express your needs, explore options and seek solutions to navigate challenges and transitions within your personal life, relationships and career. We offer services with easy-to-follow, effective and down-to-earth strategies to help you attain the goal of finding your voice and feeling increasingly confident, inspired, motivated and empowered in your life.

Events and Workshops

Transcendence Offers Different Events and Workshops throughout the Year.

Our classes are small in size and aim to provide a supportive, friendly, fun and interactive environment for you to learn, share, and meet other like-minded individuals.

See a full list of our current workshops now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Psychotherapy is a regulated profession and is covered by most insurance companies. However, whether you are covered or not depends not on your insurance company but on the plan that your employer buys for you. Our services are offered by Registered Social Workers who have a master’s degree (MSW, RSW). Please contact your insurance to ask whether your plan covers Psychotherapy services delivered by Registered Social Workers.

Some companies offer a “wellness package” in which they cover services that are not necessarily regulated such as Reiki. But again, this will depend on the plan that your employer buys for you.

As far as we know our other services – Huna Healing, Shamanic Healing and ThetaHealing® are not covered by insurance companies and can’t be claimed as health expenses on your taxes.

We highly encourage you to contact your insurance directly and Revenue Canada to find out what you are eligible to claim.

We do not offer direct billing. Sessions are to be covered by clients who will be provided with a receipt to submit for reimbursement, if applicable.

We are not currently offering EAP services.

Our counselling/psychotherapy sessions start with one assessment session for individuals, and two for couples to inform our treatment plan. Although even one session offers benefits to clients, some studies suggest that on average four sessions (in addition to assessment) are recommended to see longer, lasting benefits.

If you are looking for a one-time session, these are some agencies that offer counselling walk-in services in the community:

In Peel we have:
Tangerine Walk-in Counselling
Family Services of Peel
Catholic Family Services of Peel-Dufferin

And for the GTA:
Toronto Family Services of Toronto
Catholic Family Services of Toronto

Our Counselling/Psychotherapy services are offered by Registered Social Workers who are regulated by a College. As regulated professionals, we can’t include any energy healing or other modality outside of the scope of Social Work.

Family members and friends offer amazing support and loving advice when we need it. However, there are times in which we might benefit from a third, neutral party who can help us invite new perspectives, explore our options, and find strategies to achieve our goals, at our own pace and without any expectation other than finding our own voice and make our own choices.

The registration process starts with a quick consultation over the phone to make sure we answer all your questions and you feel our services are a good match. The first appointment, which is an assessment session, is booked by our staff. After you are a registered client, you can book your sessions online if you chose to do so.


Each energy healing modality has its own techniques. In general, Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful healing modality of Japanese origin that helps us relax, boost our energy and find balance.

Huna Healing, an ancient form of Shamanic wisdom that originated in Hawaii, identifies and removes energetic blockages that may manifest in physical form through illnesses, pain or discomfort, and/or emotionally and mentally through negative thoughts or behaviours.

Shamanic Healing, which has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world, helps us connect to our inner wisdom and Helping Spirits to seek guidance, healing and divination.

ThetaHealing® identifies beliefs that create unwanted experiences, such as pain or a sense of lack, and replaces them with more positive and functional beliefs through the assistance of the Creator Of All That Is. ThetaHealing® is also great to help manifest and communicate with loved ones who already transitioned.

In order to benefit from any of the healing modalities we do not necessarily need to believe in something in specific, as much as to be open and willing to receive.

Although these modalities are spiritual in nature, they do not interfere with any practice, impose or prevent you from believing or practising whatever you choose to.

The registration process starts with a quick consultation over the phone to make sure we answer all your questions and you feel our services are a good match. The first appointment is booked by our staff. After you are a registered client, you can book your sessions online if you chose to do so.

Peter PetropanagosPeter Petropanagos
00:14 18 May 23
I have experienced a few sessions with Marialuisa and they have all been exceptionally helpful and restorative. She is very passionate, knowledgeable and authentic and I will be returning.
joanne belgravejoanne belgrave
16:34 20 Dec 22
I have had a session with Gilberto and it was very helpful and relaxing. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking to improve you life. Marialuisa is also very helpful, caring and knowledgeable as well. Thank you both for caring for people.
Sanjay ParmarSanjay Parmar
20:25 23 Apr 22
I have had many sessions with Marialuisa and Gilberto over the years and they have been very helpful always! I definitely recommend them if you are looking to make a shift in your life.
Gilberto is a gifted and powerful healer. He creates a safe space and with compassion and connection to Source he gets to the root of your pain or issue and releases it. His Huna sessions are incredible. Blessed to be working with him. Thank you Gilberto!
Megan KarasMegan Karas
20:42 16 Mar 21
I had a fantastic, uplifting, and spiritually rich experience attending Maria Luisa's reiki Level 1 course. She is an extremely knowledgeable, wise, kind, and caring practitioner and teacher. I know I am always in good hands with her. I am looking forward to participating in many more courses, events, and treatment with Maria Luisa and Transcendence Holistic Therapy Services.
Ainsley MagnoAinsley Magno
16:17 04 Sep 18
I received two treatments from Marialuisa and attended one of her Reiki shares. Her treatment was incredible and helped me make significant life decisions which has turned out positively. The group share she lead was educational, insightful and wonderfully calming. I highly recommend her!